Chapter twelve – 2018:
Staatspunkrott, Urinal Tribunal, Fight Against Monuments, SUB, Retribution, Rosetta Stoned, No Time At All

New Ground 2018
New Ground 2017

Chapter eleven – 2017:
Ich zerdrück die Dose, Bauschaum, The Cake Is A Lie, Parasite (CD-Release-Party), Melodramatic Fools, Urinal Tribunal, The Prosecution

Chapter ten – 2016:
Staatspunkrott, Mortal Agony, Rockbeton and the Mörtels, The Styx Shipping Society, Rough Religion, The Educated Apes

New Ground 2016
New Ground 2015

Chapter nine – 2015:
Frogstar Battle Machine, Speichelbroiss, Urinal Tribunal, Brotherfight, Somnia, Environmental Group

Chapter eight – 2013:
Parasite, The Nerds, Last Broken Silence, I Hate Squirrels, The Eskimo Dancer, Sin, Melodramatic Fools

New Ground 2013
New Ground 2012

Chapter seven – 2012:
My Dark Project, Frogstar Battle Machine, Rockbeton and the Moertels, Blown Apart, Beyond the Veil, Morbus Vita, Keinplan!

Chapter six – 2010:
The Nerdz, Dirty Horrible Bastards, Face the Truth, Dumm wie Brot, Jake and the Blades, Beyond the Veil, Violent Bullfrog, The Eskimo Dancer

New Ground 2010
New Ground 2009

Chapter five – 2009:
Dirty Horrible Bastards, La Confianza, Embia, The Nerds, The Drapes, Ixtxuxnx, At the Dawn

Chapter four – 2006:
At Sixes and Sevens, Bite the Beagle, Urinal Tribunal, Lost Feelings, Mamud, m.i.u., 4-Sale

New Ground 2006
New Ground 2003

Chapter three – 2003:
Frogstar Battle Machine, Bloodspill, Death by Dreaming, Satans Laughing Generation, The Grinding Anal Fistfuckers, At Sixes and Sevens, Trasgo

Chapter two – 2002:
King Loco, Mole-55, Reside, Copyright, Smells Like Teen Pussy, Satan`s Laughing Generation, Fucked by Insanity

New Ground 2002
New Ground 2001
Chapter one – 2001:
KK-77, Elektric Milk, Pop Leaf Sparklers, Trasgo, Die 3 lustigen Zwei, Not Listed, Crossfire, Pho 2, Fucked by Insanity, Bloodspill, Like our use